Health Coach
Physical Fitness Trainer  
Alternative Health Instructor







Jeannine offers professional acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine instruction to small groups, couples or caregivers

desiring to study: tui-na massage, posture, immunity, unique stretches, breathing techniques

and Chi Gong.

Private lessons teaching the - development of Chi

nourishing muscles and energy for optimal flexibility, strength and vitality.

 Improve the circulation of blood and lymph for better skin, sight, taste and touch, as well as mental function!

Disperse stale, stagnant or blocked Chi with Voice Work, Standing or Moving Meditation and rotational movements.


Boost your vitality!

Clear holding patterns obstructing the flow Chi (Qi) (Ki)  

Practice the Six Healing Sounds, Chi gong forms and breathing modes for consistent Wellbeing.  

Overworked professionals, tense athletes or students, 

and aging adults will benefit from this work

accumulated tension

from fitness training

blocked chi/blood/lymph and occupational or relationship stress.

Women Hilltop Healing Sessions: Learn to build core muscles, loosen fascia and enhance

grace and balance.

Food Prep sessions for the

chronically ill or their caregivers

  It's a joy to share the many years of knowledge and practice that have helped my body and soul and that of many others!