Wellness Works 

Tui Na Massage on Self  addresses tension, blockage or stagnation of the blood, chi or phlegm along your meridians, major and minor muscle groups throughout your body, as well as stimulation of points and channels.  There are source points that activate a weak meridians and organs, sedation points that suppress energy of over-active organs/meridians and  methods to disperse unhealthy energy. We would observe and address conditions keeping you inactive, out of sorts or hyperactive.  Self pressure or other methods of energizing points and myofascial tissue are practiced.  If appropriate. mat of chair stretching can slowly improve flexibility and circulation. Various strokes with one's hands help free the flow of Chi.

It's All About the Oxygen!   Meeting outdoors, in yard or on porch is ideal. 
Motivation:  Practicing with an experienced Fitness Teacher can jumpstart a new routine.  A Fitness Trainer or Health Coach can be a great way to sink your dedication to Vitality!