Massage Therapy modalities

Lifestyle Choices
Tui Na Massage on Self  addresses tension, blockage or stagnation of the blood, chi or phlegm along your meridians, major and minor muscle groups throughout your body.  There are source points that activate a weak meridian and organ, sedation points that suppress energy that is over-active, and   methods to disperse blocked energy in a organ or tight tendo-muscular meridian. Pulses can be taken, skin observed, heat or cold conditions related to these imbalances that can be addressed.  Usually medium to light pressure is applied, or the use of a cloth for grabbing the skin, as well as, postural angles for deep pressure. Brusk, rolling, slapping or pulling motions to help free the flow of energy and blood are demonstrated. 
It's All About the Oxygen!   Meeting outdoors, in yard or on porch is ideal. 
Motivation:  Practicing with an experienced Fitness Teacher can jumpstart a new routine.  A Fitness Trainer or Health Coach can be a great motivator and sink your dedication for further development.