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Health Coach

Now, Cambria Wellness offers mobile service to your home or hotel. (Women/children)



Chair Movement Session:  on Dining Chair, Lounge Chair, recliner, or Bench.  Active and passive stretching, breathing, clearing and toning, 

to relieve stress, move chi and blood in muscles and lymph, improve posture or balance and motivate or improve rhythm, cognition and attitude.  Interaction, breathing fresh air and movement is great for elders, and supervised children.
$50 per hour, private

         $60 for 2-3 children or a small group of elders.

    In-Home Health Aide:

Shopping, grooming, record keeping

for social engagement, nutrition, hygiene, attitude, exercise and wellbeing

$40 - 2 hour session

$25 - One hour session


Creativity Coach

Voice Work, Drawing, Piano, photo albums, writing bio


this stimulates the brain, jogs distant memory, helps relieve emotional stress, reprograms the attitude bringing fulfillment and confidence.

$35 for 75 minute session


*I have sensitivity to dogs (not poodles) so  working spaces where they do not frequent is ideal!



Call :    805.927.0699

                                     Atascadero, CA  93422

Jeannine teaching Chi Gong