Professional Education

Jeannine Jacobs is a diplomat of Traditional Chinese Medicine, from two colleges and has  practised the healing arts for 30 years.

Martial Arts/ Healing Arts

 Tai Chi   Novato, California with Master Hsu    1976 -1977

 Tai Chi   Sarasota, Florida with Joey Bond         1990 -1992

Chi-gung, Cambria, California 

with Bernard Langan and Barbara Rae, in 1995 


​Southwest Acupuncture College  
    Santa Fe, New Mexico 1986 -1987

   Western Anatomy/Physiology, Energetics,

Chinese Medical Methods,  

Five Phase Theory, CPR, Medicine Practicum


Florida Institute Of Traditional Chinese Medicine

1987 - 1990

Tui-na Massage, Western Pathology,

Traditional Medical Theories,

Acupuncture Theories,  

Energetics and Acupuncture,

Case Studies and Clinical Practice 

Private Practice 

Tui-na Massage & Acupuncture in

Sarasota, Florida    1990-1992 

  St. Armands Medical Center. 

Clients with:  Muscular-Skeletal and Digestive Syndromes, Lyme Disease, Smoking Addiction, Auto Injuries

and Emotional Stress.

 Tui Na Massage & Acupressure, then
Cambria Wellness in Cambria, CA   

1993 to present

Mailing address: 1241 Knollwood Drive, PMB#80 

Cambria, CA 93428

Clients dealt with muscular-skeletal and neuromuscular issues, occupational stress, obesity, soft-tissue damage, emotional issues, headaches and the pregnancy process; also, for the simple pleasure of massage. 



For a Personal Fitness Training session

We can start off at your level of balance, strength, flexibility and condition---new stances and stretches with a consistent challenge for better posture, tone and vitality!​