Health Coach and motivational physical fitness trainer will gradually reboot your energy and daily or tri-weekly routine in a pleasant and nourishing manner---to deepen your Body-Mind-Spirit.  

​ Cambria Wellness provides a safe space for ~Conflict resolution


- Goal-setting 

~Obsessive-compulsive sharing/ accountability

~Immune dysfunction analysis 

-Chi Gung and Meditation classes

-Nature trail excursions

-Healthy cooking class


Jeannine Jacobs manages a workshop session, facilitating the group focus

-Floor work (restorative stretching/ toning) and 
Chi-Gong basics

      *Nurture your body with focused, flowing

               energy and revisit your natural

       breath and pulse.  Improve your posture.

      allowing even-flowing energy to your

                   organs, glands and tissues.  

         Tune into the mood of the ocean,  soothing

                   music and hidden feelings.  

                 Decompress from the chaos

                             of modern life. 

                      Surrender to Wellness!

Cooking Sessions:   We use less conventiional ingredients and flavors, all fresh, lightly steamed, sautéed or baked---to satisfy a health-seeking group of four to eight guests (interactive). We sample our creations after the morning workout.  Loads of fun!  Enlarge your repetoire.  (Food included in the fee).



                      Lifestyle Choices

                Stretching and Chi Gung 

          Breathwork (Six Healing Sounds 



A CA State Park on the Central Coast, in the town of Cambria, CA

My Philosophy

What is Wellness?  Lifestyle choices and mental-emotional stances affect our nervous system and immune system---which affect our LIFE.  

If you have more capacity for a modern lifestyle than others, and  require more of yourself than others, you can gain fulfillment, only if you have compassion or acceptance for the choices of others.

When we balance "drive" and "stillness" we can attain competence and confidence.  Using up one's energy resources will lead to weakness, illness and despair.  Not challenging oneself can lead to these, as well.  Move, imagine, envision, require, assess, develop, protect, consume, fast, play, work, resolve, meditate, pay for service and acknowledge your choices.


Massage therapy and Chi Gong exercises are effective modalites for dispersing stagnant or repressed chi, phlegm and blood. Blood, being Yin, and chi, being yang, with phlegm somewhere in between, are all flushed and stimulated by pressure and energy from a cognizant therapist. Emotional holding patterns, job-related postures and stresses bind fibers, exhaust joints, and cause blockages to one's circulation.  


Traditional Chinese Medicine, considers the balance of Yin and Yang as paramount to health.  The even flow of Chi (Qi) or energy is necessary for a healthy etherial-magnetic field that flows throughout the body and mind. Some say the body is our subconscious. DepokChopra claims, "Our nervous system IS our immune system".  Honor this aspect or yourself.



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