Yin Time---Do You Have Any?

Lifestyle Choices is the first category that Traditional Chinese Medicine considers when assessing a patient's symptoms. Neck pain, low back pain, misalignment, digestive disorders, insomnia or weight changes, for example, originate from an imbalance of Yin and Yang.

Yin is the "essence" of life, while Yang (the universal counter-balance) is the "function" of life systems or organisms. Blood and the nutritive quality of an organ (Yin) are essential to an organism, just as food is essential for developing and repairing tissue.

Stress (fear, anxiety, even loathing) cause hyperactivity or oppression of Yang, constricting veins, capillaries and nerves, or impeding the flow of Yin---you might say, a traffic jam in food or oxygen supply.

We care so much about social obligations and schedules or even our image, that we tend to blow off the very vehicle that carries our brain around and characterizes our personality.

Occupational stress, be it mental, emotional or physical, is a major factor in job performance and job satisfaction.

Long hours behind a desk or in a driver's seat are obvious sources of compression of digestive organs, vertebral stress and stagnant breathing. Blue collor workers (laborers) deal with overuse of a joint or muscle, and extended counter weight upon calves, neck, mid and lowback. You don't even want to know how a violinist might feel!

Taking breaks to throw your arms around, jumping on a baby trampoline, stretching over a ball, or slipping out to greet the sky---all help circulation of Chi and Xue (energy and blood), not to exclude the lymph. Even passively closing your eyes, imagining a peaceful place, a deep nurturing color, offers more value than our modern society appreciates.

I call this Yin Time!

When one feels worthy of Yin Time, and has an employer that VALUES his or her employee's welfare, there exists more health and harmony in the workplace. Taking techno breaks benefits our Body/Mind and everyone around us. California Law maintains that an employee should have a 15 minute break, every two hours. Depok Chopra states, "Your nervous system IS your immune system!" Computers run at a high frequency of 65 Hz, whereas our body's energy field runs between 7.5 and 12 Hz. Big difference! Some people are more insulated (greater Yin and Yang), where they are not as sensitive to these high frequencies, but they may be sensitive in other ways to stress (holding in expression, fearful of rejection). Deprevation of food and air can produce weakness. Metabolisms vary, thus, competencies vary with body constitutions, lifestyle habits and character.

Balance from within, expresses without. Depending upon your nature, excessive work, sleepness nights or party-hard modes can deplete your reserves. The ensuing lack of Yin will cause dry tissue, Yang to diminish, and you may be mistaken for the office sloth! Our organs, glands, nerves, capillaries, skin, muscle, bones and endocrine system need replenishment. We all prosper from a sane lifestyle. Success (productivity and countenance) depends upon Yin Time or essence---the foundation of health.

So, "chill out", "come back to square one" or "order a chair massage". Find peace during your day, within the many aspects of yourSelf and embrace the tone of harmony. This is your inheretance. Fullfillment is your bliss.

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