Who's In Charge?

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Who’s In Charge?

For the modern citizen, authority has been a real challenge. We tend to expect so much from our personal resources, our Mind-Body-Spirit. While balance of Yin and Yang is a wise goal, we workaholics, producers, consumers have adapted to an aggressive and competitive work ethic as an American norm. Instinctual, logical or body-stress messages simply are avoided and shelved. One can ask, "Is income or status my major priority?"

If you feel fatigued in the afternoon, then you have succumbed to an unsustainable lifestyle. WHO’S IN CHARGE? Begin again, to be responsible and responsive to this sign of imbalance. Know your limits, and take breaks, communicate with Management or compromise, surrender to a subdued alternative, quit your job or move closer to work, give away one or two children (just kidding!), eat out and/or hire a maid. However you can accommodate to a new path of wellbeing---give it a chance.

I had to choose between three groups of junk mail, environmental, political or human charities. Even one grew to be a small hill on my hallway table, each month. I unsubscribe regularly from organizations on my phone, since little steps lead to meaningful changes. Feeling overwhelmed is not fun, and this vibration, however you integrate it, has an impact upon your energy-field, and office atmosphere.

Since I work VERY closely, as a massage therapist, my clients are well aware of the quality of my energy, and the supply or lack thereof. This factor is HUGE for my line of business, for my public image and for any healing process that I may be facilitating. Speakers, salespersons, administrators, bus drivers, pilots and janitors, all know their worth in terms of energy, be it efficiency, performance and mental alertness or humor. How integral we all are.

When your housemate only hears groaning from the other room, or gets a chronic refusal to go for a walk or something more engaging---chocolates won’t compensate. Evaluate or fall off the vine. Readjust one or several factors in this routine we call Life. Notice a relief, once in gear and acknowledge your wisdom and courage to prevail.

One friend I know, made a move to our little village of Cambria, to gain peace and quiet. He now looks at a star-studded sky and relishes the clean fresh air coming off the ocean through the trees, feeling the rewards of his good sense. This move helps his body repair, his mind to integrate and his Spirit to flourish. You can too!

Namaste (I salute the divine within you, as well as myself)

Jeannine Jacobs

Cambria Wellness

Health Coach

Personal Fitness Trainer

Southern California Womens Workshops

#SelfEsteem #LifestyleChoices #YinandYang #Wellness #HolisticHealth #Sustainability

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